Why hiking is the best activity for spending quality time with your family


You know something? Happiness is usually homemade. We just fail to recognize how bonding with the family can be the happiest thing we can do in life. Spending quality time with the family can be as simple as playing board games or watching movies at home with everyone munching on popcorn. But why waste good weather just seated around the house when we can always get outdoors and go hiking? We often forget that simple as it is, hiking does a lot more for our health than we can imagine.

For one, it provides a good cardio workout. Yes, hiking gets the heart pumping to get blood coursing through our veins. Imagine that exhilarating feeling you get when you’ve explored the hiking trail and found interesting things to take pictures of or to study with your kids?

The feeling is unparalleled, let me tell you. I am the father of two boys, and seeing my sons’ eyes light up when they find something intriguing like a bird in flight or a rare plant…it’s enough to make me want to give myself a pat on the back for thinking up the idea of hiking for bonding.

Even my wife agrees with me. We go hiking at least once or twice a month. My boys have even signed us up for a hiking club at their school, and the organization has chosen fantastic hiking sites where members can have picnics and races and all sorts of activities that make the whole event more fun and exciting.

Hiking works the legs, develops the muscles in them. The arms are also treated to continuous movement swinging side to side and holding onto trees or rocks for balance. My family and I even exercise as we walk. We do bending and jumping and all sorts of physical activities to get the blood pumping.

Hiking has made us feel closer to each other as a family. In fact, when it’s the day of hiking, our two boys even wake up ahead of my wife and me. We don’t have to drag them out of bed because they do that to us.

We bring along daypacks and have picnics right by the lake, where we sometimes fish to have something new for lunch or dinner. Through hiking, I have seen my boys grow up confident about what they can do in the outdoors. We bring a GPS device to guide us along. I am pretty sure they will grow up with confidence at school and at work as well. For now, I can only smile in amazement at how healthy my family has become through hiking.

Okay, have to go now. My boys and my wife are right outside waiting for me to finish this post so we can go on our scheduled hiking trip this month.

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