Finding cheap boxing gear for kids is a challenge

I’ve discussed my family in another post I wrote in the past. I have two little boys, and it’s often difficult to convince them to do a bit of exercise. That’s why I decided to enroll them in a boxing class, mostly because the instructor was an old friend of mine and I trusted the guy. I knew for a fact that he wouldn’t do anything that would harm my kids in any way, so that’s why I didn’t have any second thoughts.



Fortunately, my boys took to boxing rather quickly, and so I didn’t have to go to extreme lengths to convince them to accompany me to the studio on a weekly basis. I’ve read about the topic extensively in the past, and have noticed that many parents use boxing and martial arts for dealing with their kids’ anger issues. This isn’t my case, but I was looking to integrate some sort of workout routine in my children’s schedule so that they learn to adopt healthy habits and live by them all throughout their existence.

The hardest thing wasn’t talking to them and getting them to learn a bit about boxing, in general, particularly in the beginning. In fact, it was discovering cheap gear that would be useful both for them and wouldn’t force me to spend a fortune, either. There are two ways of going about things, in my opinion. Either you choose the cheapest gloves and other types of protection items right off the bat, but you have to be aware of the fact that these products might last significantly less time when compared to high-quality ones, or you invest a bit in a more high-end alternative that can stand the test of time. Eventually, I decided to choose the middle path, in that I was wary of the most affordable options because I didn’t trust them to protect my kids all that much. So, instead of getting the cheap gloves, I order the ones that were a bit more expensive but still at a price that wasn’t off-putting for my budget.


While many of the gloves I came across while doing my research are somewhat adjustable, I don’t really think you should focus on this particular feature. I prefer getting cheaper products that have a good fit for my kids and then selling them and upgrading to a larger size. Besides, I’ve noticed that most products on the market usually cost less than twenty dollars. Of course, 10-dollar options are also available, but be sure to check some boxing gloves reviews because there’s a high chance that you might not want to buy them once you’ve gone through the ratings.


Another thing I got for when the kids would want to practice their boxing skills in the basement was a Kid Kick Wavemaster. This one cost more than I initially planned to spend but it’s well-built and comes with a base which can be filled with sand or water. Therefore, it’s stable enough to prevent my kids from injuring themselves.

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