Why hiking is the best activity for spending quality time with your family


You know something? Happiness is usually homemade. We just fail to recognize how bonding with the family can be the happiest thing we can do in life. Spending quality time with the family can be as simple as playing board games or watching movies at home with everyone munching on popcorn. But why waste good weather just seated around the house when we can always get outdoors and go hiking? We often forget that simple as it is, hiking does a lot more for our health than we can imagine.

For one, it provides a good cardio workout. Yes, hiking gets the heart pumping to get blood coursing through our veins. Imagine that exhilarating feeling you get when you’ve explored the hiking trail and found interesting things to take pictures of or to study with your kids?

The feeling is unparalleled, let me tell you. I am the father of two boys, and seeing my sons’ eyes light up when they find something intriguing like a bird in flight or a rare plant…it’s enough to make me want to give myself a pat on the back for thinking up the idea of hiking for bonding.

Even my wife agrees with me. We go hiking at least once or twice a month. My boys have even signed us up for a hiking club at their school, and the organization has chosen fantastic hiking sites where members can have picnics and races and all sorts of activities that make the whole event more fun and exciting.

Hiking works the legs, develops the muscles in them. The arms are also treated to continuous movement swinging side to side and holding onto trees or rocks for balance. My family and I even exercise as we walk. We do bending and jumping and all sorts of physical activities to get the blood pumping.

Hiking has made us feel closer to each other as a family. In fact, when it’s the day of hiking, our two boys even wake up ahead of my wife and me. We don’t have to drag them out of bed because they do that to us.

We bring along daypacks and have picnics right by the lake, where we sometimes fish to have something new for lunch or dinner. Through hiking, I have seen my boys grow up confident about what they can do in the outdoors. We bring a GPS device to guide us along. I am pretty sure they will grow up with confidence at school and at work as well. For now, I can only smile in amazement at how healthy my family has become through hiking.

Okay, have to go now. My boys and my wife are right outside waiting for me to finish this post so we can go on our scheduled hiking trip this month.

My kids are nicer now that they like sports


I have been trying to convince my children to develop an interest sports and what I mean by this is that I’m willing to support their dreams and endeavors regardless of the physical activity they will be choosing.

The golden rule to making it easy for your kids to like physical exercise is finding the right company. Even if some children might be introverts, they still have someone to talk to on a regular basis, despite the fact that they might be less sociable than others. I found this to be true in the case of my kids, as well. Sports develops a sense of camaraderie, and sometimes toddlers learn how to protect themselves and the ones they love by engaging in physical activity.

Another thing that I’ve noticed ever since I started going out and playing basketball and soccer with my kids a lot more often is that they’re nicer and more understanding. If I were to tell you a year ago that my children would be able to learn how to lose, you wouldn’t believe me. They sure had a temper, that I can tell you.

The fact of the matter is that I managed to teach them that playing is far more important than winning every time, and that’s because only by playing often you can develop a set of skills that allows you to become proficient. Competing for a cup or a prize of some sort is perhaps a good idea if you’re looking for your kids to be ambitious and understand what they want from life. However, you have to make it all about them and not the idea of beating somebody else to it.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that my children now respond a whole lot better to rules. I used to tell them to wash the dishes and they came up with all kinds of excuses just not to do it. This doesn’t happen anymore because I’ve created a reward system that enables them to understand that they won’t go out or have fun if they don’t stick to the rules. In every game, the rules are crucial, just as they are in life because trying to bend them or going around them in some way or the other is like breaking the law. Kids have to understand that there are limits that should never be surpassed because they might get in a lot of trouble if they do.

I’d also like to add that I honestly believe that my children are much nicer these days because they consume a lot more energy and their bodies release plenty of endorphins when they work out. Running around is a strenuous activity ,and that’s how my wife and I have managed to sleep better at night, what with knowing that the kids also do it.


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How to convince your kids to get off the couch



I once read that if one of the parents is obese or overweight, there’s a 50/50 chance that at least one of the kids becomes obese, as well. Whether it’s the habits or just genetics, the fact of the matter is that we have to keep an eye on our health and that of children.

The biggest problem that most people are confronted with is that they have busy schedules, sometimes might even need the services of a nanny or babysitter, and rarely go out and exercise themselves, let alone with their kids. Over the years, I’ve tried to convince my kids to get off that couch, and to some degree, I think I’ve succeeded.

That’s why I came up with the idea of writing an article about the things that I did specifically to achieve this purpose. First of all, despite the fact that we didn’t particularly need one, I got ourselves a nice dog. As you know, every dog has to be walked several times a day, and since the kids were extremely enthusiastic about the idea of owning a pet, I made sure to tell them over and over again that it would be their responsibility. There’s nothing stopping you from walking the dog together during the weekends or whenever you all have the time.

The next tip I can tell you is that you should try to create a schedule in your head with the exact moments when everyone has the time to engage in some physical exercise. One of these moments is right after you pick the kids from school or after dinner. Instead of watching the news or a football game, go outside and play some football.

While some children are introverts, others like communicating with their peers, so try to create some kind of a routine where your kid invites his or her best friend whenever he feels like. Why not invite the entire family of your child’s buddy and go on a hike together?

Ideally, you should try to go out and breathe in some fresh air as often as possible. However, since not all people can do this on a regular basis, the least thing that you can do is combine exercise with apparently boring moments. If you are watching your favorite TV show together, you can do several pushups during every commercial break. It might not sound like a lot, but the fact is that all of these small changes amount to something far bigger than you’d think. You’ll be able to create healthy habits for your children that they’ll hopefully keep as adults, as well.

Finally, I have to add that nothing works better than blackmail. If your kid’s a teenager who wants to get his girlfriend a gift that he can’t afford out of his allowance, you can create a reward system that involves washing the dishes, taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, and any other chores that might need doing in your home. You’ll be paying your boy, of course, but he’ll learn both the meaning of work and he won’t avoid using his muscles if that’s what’s needed for the cause.


Finding cheap boxing gear for kids is a challenge

I’ve discussed my family in another post I wrote in the past. I have two little boys, and it’s often difficult to convince them to do a bit of exercise. That’s why I decided to enroll them in a boxing class, mostly because the instructor was an old friend of mine and I trusted the guy. I knew for a fact that he wouldn’t do anything that would harm my kids in any way, so that’s why I didn’t have any second thoughts.



Fortunately, my boys took to boxing rather quickly, and so I didn’t have to go to extreme lengths to convince them to accompany me to the studio on a weekly basis. I’ve read about the topic extensively in the past, and have noticed that many parents use boxing and martial arts for dealing with their kids’ anger issues. This isn’t my case, but I was looking to integrate some sort of workout routine in my children’s schedule so that they learn to adopt healthy habits and live by them all throughout their existence.

The hardest thing wasn’t talking to them and getting them to learn a bit about boxing, in general, particularly in the beginning. In fact, it was discovering cheap gear that would be useful both for them and wouldn’t force me to spend a fortune, either. There are two ways of going about things, in my opinion. Either you choose the cheapest gloves and other types of protection items right off the bat, but you have to be aware of the fact that these products might last significantly less time when compared to high-quality ones, or you invest a bit in a more high-end alternative that can stand the test of time. Eventually, I decided to choose the middle path, in that I was wary of the most affordable options because I didn’t trust them to protect my kids all that much. So, instead of getting the cheap gloves, I order the ones that were a bit more expensive but still at a price that wasn’t off-putting for my budget.


While many of the gloves I came across while doing my research are somewhat adjustable, I don’t really think you should focus on this particular feature. I prefer getting cheaper products that have a good fit for my kids and then selling them and upgrading to a larger size. Besides, I’ve noticed that most products on the market usually cost less than twenty dollars. Of course, 10-dollar options are also available, but be sure to check some boxing gloves reviews because there’s a high chance that you might not want to buy them once you’ve gone through the ratings.


Another thing I got for when the kids would want to practice their boxing skills in the basement was a Kid Kick Wavemaster. This one cost more than I initially planned to spend but it’s well-built and comes with a base which can be filled with sand or water. Therefore, it’s stable enough to prevent my kids from injuring themselves.

Taking the kids to boxing practice

When I started taking my kids to take boxing lessons, most parents in school threw harsh words against me and my wife, saying we were encouraging our kids to become aggressive and that they will petition the school to have us kicked out. This made me furious because it felt like I was blamed for doing something good for my children. And here are the reasons why I think it’s a good thing.


As you might have heard as well, bullying is one of the major issues students all over the country are dealing with these days. The social and cultural climate is simply auspicious to this type of intimidation, and only a small percentage of parents actually find out about what their children are going through. The cause of that is either fear, or the fact that children are tricked to believe the fact that they carry a part of the guilt, that there really is something wrong with them that attracts aggressive behaviour from the bully.


4 My oldest son had this problem in his first year of school. There was a boy who constantly picked at him and enjoyed throwing my sons belongings in the dirt and name calling him. I never learnt about it but until the boy left the class, and when I asked my son why he never said anything, his response almost made me cry: he said it was his fault, because he was too goofy. I then decided to do everything in my power to make my children realise of their rights and power as human beings, and I feel boxing can help me get there.


Aside from the discipline and self control my kids are making progress with everyday, they are learning that they have their own strength that can be cultivated and used in a fairplay manner, and that they deserve to be treated with respect. Physical exercise seems more fun to them if it’s presented in the form of boxing training, and I’ve never seen them more eager to make the beds and finish up breakfast than in the mornings before practice. But what really makes me happy is how proud they look when they return home. It is the look of a self-assured child who isn’t going to be intimidated anymore.


5 Certainly, we can’t always get them to the gym, so we wanted to give them the opportunity to practice at home. We bought a small free-standing heavy bag and placed it in the garage. They also are obliged to wear the protective gear at all times, even on the house training sessions. They have their gloves and headguards (even if the bag won’t punch back, I want them to be accustomed to always protect themselves). I also bought each of them his own pair of weighted jump rope to enhance their speed and strength.


In the end, even with all the malicious commentaries, I think my kids are happy and I’m glad I found them a hobby that they love and that shapes their mind and body in such a positive way.